Innovative New Technology : NuOss 2.0

New bone grafting materials: NuOss 2.0

The proprietary manufacturing process of NuOss ®2.0, allows for maintenance of the naturally occurring bone mineral structure, including macro and micro structures. Offering a bone graft with increased volumetric fill maximizes the space for new bone in growth and associated vascularization.


NuOss 2.0 is a natural porous bone mineral matrix. It is produced by removal of all organic components from bovine bone. Due to its natural structure the an organic bone mineral of NuOss 2.0 is physically and chemically comparable to the mineralized matrix of human bone. It is available in cancellous (spongiosa) granules.

Benefits: Improved Handling

The enhanced structure of NuOss 2.0 aids in particulate hydration and delivery of the product to the defect.

Improved Particle Distribution

NuOss 2.0 maximizes the distribution of the preferred particle sizing within desired ranges

. Improved Particle Structure

NuOss 2.0 particles have increased physical stability to minimize collapse with compression.

Improved Porosity

NuOss2.0 maintains the high porosity and tubercular structure of natural mineralized bone and maximizes the potential for angiogenesis.

Improved Value

Larger defect fill for the same weight maintains your cost effectiveness.

NuOss2.0 50x magnification
Bio-Oss® 50x magnification
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